How are Maserati Parts and Cars Recycled?

March 14th, 2022 by

With the push for sustainability and eco-friendliness these days, many automakers are trying to do their parts for the planet. Fortunately, many car parts, once they have outlived their initial purpose, are able to be recycled to help make entirely new vehicles.

Here we discuss how Maserati parts and cars are recycled and reused.

The Recycling Process

When a car is old or perhaps damaged, it will probably end up in a junkyard. However, it may not stay there for very long if it is determined that its parts have some life left. This process includes:

Removing Fluids

First, any fluids still in the car will be removed and disposed of correctly.

Evaluating Usable Parts

Next, all of the major parts in the car will be looked at closely. In the event of an accident, often key components, like the engine or transmission, are still in good condition. Newer tires can also be used for another vehicle.

Shredding and Crushing

When the fluids and usable parts are out, it’s time for the frame to go through the shredder. After that, it will be crushed into a cube about the size of a microwave.

Mixing Metals and Shipping Out

In order for this scrap metal to be used in the construction of another vehicle, it has to be strengthened, so now it will be mixed with other metals. Finally, this cube will be shipped out to an automaker.

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